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Our glass cleaner and rain repellent window treatment improves wet weather driving visibility by using water beading technology to enhance the clarity of your windshield glass. Our product doesn't cause streaks and is even helpful in removing bug and bird excrement easier. The anti-fog treatment is designed to reduce interior fogging and even removes smoke residue, making your view even clearer. ShowTime can treat your windows so you'll have weeks of clear visibility and cleaner looking glass!



ShowTime Odor Treatment involves the use of an ozone generator that permanently removes odors from cars, trucks, vans, RVs, limos, tour buses and other vehicles.

All vehicles build up odors from regular use. There are the usual spills from food and beverages which often fall into difficult to clean areas. Tobacco fumes can penetrate every crack and crevice, and smoke residue will cling to the ceiling and other interior surfaces. Pet and body odors can also cause seats and carpets to smell. Our odor treatment will take care of these ghastly odors once and for all!


Oxidation building on your headlights is a common occurrence. It doesn't happen overnight but gradually the oxidation is building up on the surface, making them not only look old and ugly, but diminishing the effectiveness of the light produced. Let ShowTime restore your headlights so they look as good as the rest of your vehicle!


Fine leather is what makes your vehicles interior so nice. There are a few important parts to caring for the leather interior, being that your leather is the most delicate surface of your vehicle. In order to preserve it, protect it and keep it smelling new, ShowTime can clean and condition it regularly, one section at a time. This ensures we cover every area of leather thoroughly. Thorough cleaning and conditioning will help fight fading and maintain the true color of the leather for the life of the vehicle. It also protects your leather from dirt, skin oils and lotions that are gradually breaking down the leather. Let ShowTime help keep your vehicles interior looking and smelling new!


Clay blocking is a great way to make your vehicle feel smooth as glass! Clay blocking is highly recommended prior to waxing the vehicle. The clay block removes embedded contaminants from automotive surfaces. ShowTime's unique technique uses polyelastic rubberized clay and makes paintwork, headlights, glass, wheels, and painted plastic surfaces feel smooth as glass. The clay block removes embedded contaminants to prepare surfaces for superior sealant and wax adhesion and is a highly recommended treatment prior to wax or ceramic applications.


Protect your vehicle from the effects of time, sun and wear and tear! Our exclusive coating is as effective and long lasting as a ceramic finish without all of the potential issues that come with it. After applying our unique finish, water, mud and other liquids won't bead up on your vehicle causing residue and oxidation, they will simply run right off! The finish can be applied directly to your vehicles finish, vinyl graphics, wraps and even your glass windshield! Expect the finish to protect you vehicle for 3-6 months depending on how much abuse your vehicle takes from abusive weather or environmental conditions. If you want to maintain the life and beauty of your vehicles finish, ShowTime highly recommends investing in our Timeless Topcoat.

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